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Concealed Carry
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Page 2: Best Handguns For Concealed Carry

  26. Bersa Thunder 380 CC: 380 ACP $310-$330
Weight: 16.4 oz., Barrel: 3.2", Capacity: 8+1 rounds
This is the perfect .380 D.A. you want for personal protection. It's slim, trim and always ready for immediate action. At just over a pound, you won't even know you are carrying it. Possessing attributes of more expensive guns, the Thunder 380 CC is truly a personal protection Best Buy.
Bersa Thunder 380 CC
  27. Taurus 731 UL: 32 H&R Mag $350-$370
Weight: 17.0 oz., Barrel: 2.0", Capacity: 6 rounds
The Taurus model 731 offers .32 Magnum firepower in a small frame, 6-shot capacity revolver. Ultra light weight frame and brushed stainless finish with premium rubber grips. The 731 is a great handgun for those wanting less recoil.
Taurus 731 UL
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  28. Ruger LC9: 9mm Luger $410-$430
Weight: 17.1 oz., Barrel: 3.12", Capacity: 7+1 rounds
The LC9 is a double-action-only, hammer-fired, locked-breech pistol with a smooth trigger pull. Control and confident handling of the Ruger LC9 are accomplished through reduced recoil and aggressive frame checkering for a positive grip in all conditions. The Ruger LC9 features smooth "melted" edges for ease of holstering, carrying and drawing.
Ruger LC9  Ruger LC9 Range Report
  29. Ruger LCR 357: 357 Magnum $440-$460
Weight: 17.1 oz., Barrel: 1.88", Capacity: 5 rounds
This is the 357 Remington Magnum version of the popular Ruger LCR series revolvers. Ruger builds some of the best revolvers in the world and you can see the quality in fit and finish in the LCR 357 mag. I bet it kicks like a mule!
Ruger LCR 357 Magnum.
  30. Sig Sauer P232: 380 ACP $530-$550
Weight: 17.6 oz., Barrel: 3.6", Capacity: 7+1 rounds
The P232 is one of the most reliable back-up pistols available with a well-earned reputation as a rugged, accurate shooter. Its proven design of perfect balance, smooth contours and rounded, snag-free edges make it ideal for personal protection. It's the pistol's small size that makes it easy to carry concealed whether in a discreet holster, purse or on the ankle.
Sig Sauer P232
  31. Beretta BU9 Nano: 9mm $440-$460
Weight: 17.7 oz., Barrel: 3.07", Capacity: 6+1 rounds
The BU9 Nano is a new sub-compact pocket pistol from Beretta. I can't decide if this pistol is manly or just ugly. It don't really matter as the Beretta BU9 Nano is a tool. Small size fits nice in your pants pocket. It is a little heavy, but you are getting more quality than most other pocket pistols. Prices should come down when the excitement is over.
Beretta Nano Video
  32. Kahr CW9: 9mm Luger $380-$400
Weight: 17.7 oz., Barrel: 3.5", Capacity: 7+1 rounds
The Kahr CW9 is a little 9mm pistol that caused quite a stir in the concealed carry world. The low cost is so un-Kahr. The smooth, sweet double-action-only pull is still there. So is the ingenious striker fired design, and everything else Kahr fans have come to like about these little pistols. This Kahr version is also available in 40 S&W as the model CW40 with 6+1 round capacity. The CW9 is very close to the Kel-Tec PF-9 in size. The CW45 45 ACP is now available!
Kahr CW9
  33. Cobra Patroit 9: 9mm Luger $270-$290
Weight: 18.0 oz., Barrel: 3.30", Capacity: 10+1 rounds
Also available in 380 ACP. Lightweight and plenty of power make the Cobra Patriot an authority on protection. This firearm will get the job done. The Patriot's true double action system offers a vital second strike capability. It's ergonomically shaped, comfortable and concealable. Made in USA.
Cobra Firearms

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  34. NAA Guardian 380: 380 ACP $430-$450
Weight: 18.7 oz., Barrel: 2.5", Capacity: 6+1 rounds
Introduced in 2001, the Guardian 380 ACP is popular with law enforcement and for concealed carry. It offers great stopping power in a small package that fits easily in your pocket, purse, or one of our many holsters. Lifetime warranty.
NAA Guardian 380
  35. Taurus PT-111: 9mm Luger $330-$350
Weight: 18.7 oz., Barrel: 3.25", Capacity: 12+1 rounds
The Millennium PRO is also available in 32 ACP as the PT-132, 380 ACP as the model PT-138, and 40 S&W as the PT-140. The PT-111 features Heinie Straight Eight sights, an ergonomic grip design, enhanced finger indexing Taurus Memory Pad and posi-traction slide serrations. Light, powerful and technically advanced, the Millennium PRO is the choice for concealment and back-up carry. See the new G2 version.
Taurus PT-111  Shooting Taurus PT-111
  36. Cobra Patroit 45: 45 ACP $310-$330
Weight: 19.0 oz., Barrel: 3.3", Capacity: 6+1 rounds
This is a true hand cannon! 45 ACP power in a very small package. This firearm will get the job done. The Patriot's true double action system offers a vital second strike capability. It's ergonomically shaped, comfortable and concealable. Cobra Enterprises includes a factory direct lifetime warranty.
Cobra Patroit 45
  37. Jimenez J.A. 380: 380 ACP $160-$180
Weight: 19 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Capacity: 6+1 rounds
At only .960 inches wide, the Jimenez Arms J.A. 380 is quite possibly one of the most comfortable compact .380's on the market today. Jimenez Arms includes such features as: a comfortable stance and an extended finger rest located at the bottom of the magazine. The price is cheap and they always go bang when you pull the trigger. Made in Nevada USA.
Jimenez Firearms  J.A. 380 Review

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  38. Taurus 709 Slim: 9mm Luger $370-$390
Weight: 19 oz., Barrel: 3.0", Capacity: 9+1 rounds
Elegant in Blue and Stainless this small, single-action-only Slim pistol. It's what you have been asking for! No revealing lumps or lines makes concealed carry easier than that larger capacity gun you already have. Cool, neat and ready to go-the Taurus Slim will be your companion for a long time to come. Now also available in 40 S&W (740 Slim) with 6+1 rounds capacity.
Taurus 709 Slim  Shooting Taurus 709 Slim and Review
  39. Walther PK380: 380 ACP $370-$390
Weight: 19.4 oz., Barrel: 3.66", Capacity: 8+1 rounds
The new Walther PK 380 is the latest innovation from the world famous Walther Arms Company of Germany. The Walther PK380 is a scaled up version of the P22 which has gone over very well over the past few years. The Walther PK380 comes with a low cocking resistance slide that is welcomed by women shooters. Great price for the Walther name!
Walther PK380
  40. Glock 26: 9mm Luger $510-$530
Weight: 19.8 oz., Barrel: 3.46", Capacity: 10+1 rounds
The triumphant advance of the smallest GLOCK pistol, specially developed for concealed carry. The highly accurate firing characteristics explain the worldwide distribution among security personnel and secret services. This baby Glock is also available in other calibers such as 40 S&W (G27), 10mm (G28 Ouch!), 45 ACP (G30), 380 ACP (G28), and 357 Sig (G33).
Glock Pistols
  41. Bersa Thunder 380: 380 ACP $270-$290
Weight: 20.0 oz., Barrel: 3.50", Capacity: 7+1 rounds
Who makes the best selling 380 pistol? The Thunder 380 has earned a worldwide reputation of quality and is truly one of the best performance-for-price buys on the market. The lightweight, small-frame and ideal capacity combines with Bersa's time-tested reliability and accuracy to make the Thunder 380 an excellent choice for personal protection.
Bersa Thunder 380  Bersa Thunder Review
  42. Charter Police Undercover: 38 Special $330-$350
Weight: 20.0 oz., Barrel: 2.2", Capacity: 6 rounds
The is the 6 shooter version of the famous Charter Arms Undercover. Favored by security personell as an duty carry weapon. Built on the same frame as the popular .44 Special Bulldog, it features the same styling and rugged construction as the classic Undercover.
Police Undercover
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  43. Taurus 745 Millennium Pro: 45 ACP $370-$390
Weight: 20.8 oz., Barrel: 3.25", Capacity: 6+1 rounds
Also available in 40 S&W (model 740 MILLENNIUM PRO). The 745 is an upgrade from the older Taurus PT-145 45 ACP model. With Heinie Straight Eight Sights, outstanding accuracy is almost guaranteed. All these features combined with the sheer stopping power of the 45 ACP round make the Taurus PT-745 pistol one of the best pistols of its kind.
Taurus 745 Millennium Pro
  44. Walther P99c Compact: 9mm Luger $580-$600
Weight: 20.9 oz., Barrel: 3.5", Capacity: 10+1 rounds
The P99 Compact has the same highly advanced design features of the full size P99, but in a size that is designed for concealed carry. Just like the full size version, the compact P99 is available with the same trigger variations inclucing the QA and AS. The frame backstraps are interchangable so that the pistol will fit in a wide variety of hand sizes.
Walther P99c Compact
  45. Glock 19: 9mm Luger $510-$530
Weight: 20.99 oz., Barrel: 4.02", Capacity: 15+1 rounds
In addition to being used as a conventional service weapon, it is suitable for concealed carry or as a backup weapon. For instance, many of the elite pilots of the USAF for instance trust the GLOCK 19 for their efficient defense in emergency situations. Also comes in 40 S&W (G23), 380 ACP (G25), and 357 Sig (G32). Also see the new Gen-4 series (more expensive) with backstrap options to adjust for hand size.
Glock 19
  46. Charter Arms Bulldog: 44 Special $340-$360
Weight: 21.0 oz., Barrel: 2.5", Capacity: 5 rounds
If you are looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection, but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry, Charter's .44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job. The 44 Special packs some real power, but normally kicks less than a 357 magnum.
Charter Arms Bulldog  Shooting Bulldog 44
  47. Taurus 85 : 38 Special $300-$330
Weight: 21.0 oz., Barrel: 2.0", Capacity: 5 rounds
The Taurus 85 is a very popular snub nose revolver. Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-lightweight. It's no wonder the 85s are our most popular family. We pack them with a combination of customer-requested features and pair them with the .38 Special +P ammo, making them powerful, easy to carry , and lightning-quick to use.
Taurus 85
  48. Taurus 817: 38 Special $360-$380
Weight: 21.0 oz., Barrel: 2.0", Capacity: 7 rounds
The 817 provides seven shots of +P ammo available at a moments notice. This revolver provides the advantage of the extra round. Soft rubber grips and low profile fixed sights can make this revolver a most desirable carry option. Also see the Taurus 856 6 shot compact revolver.
Taurus 817
  49. Walther PPS: 9mm Luger $580-$600
Weight: 21.1 oz., Barrel: 3.2", Capacity: 7+1 rounds
A thin single stack Walther 9mm pistol to give Kahr some competition. In 9mm or .40S&W, the PPS has several notable features aimed at better fit and safe performance in its narrow dimensions, and packing Walther innovation into an unbelievable 1.04 inch profile. From your choice of perfect-fitting backstrap (small or large) to our patented QuickSafe innovation, no one packs in the power and features like Walther.
Walther PPS
  50. Bersa BP9 CC: 9mm Luger $350-$370
Weight: 21.5 oz., Barrel: 3.3", Capacity: 8+1 rounds
The BP9 Concealed Carry is Bersa's first polymer frame handgun, with more advanced features, specially designed for concealed-carry personal protection. The BP9 CC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun. This Bersa features a short reset DAO. Lifetime warranty. Bersa has just released the BP40 in 40 caliber.
Bersa BP9 CC

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